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Sometimes to record,
sometimes to unpack,

sometimes to express.


I'm a printmaker & painter, drawing inspiration from the landscape. Working from my studios in Bedfordshire, I give expression to thoughts and feelings that unearth themselves, often whilst drawing en plein air. I fill up my brain with shapes and feelings so that I can unpack them later in the studio…

I find the immediacy and spontaneity of monotype particularly rewarding, with one-off prints that lend themselves to painterly and intuitive markmaking. For me, it's the most exciting medium. I love the constant tension between the solid and the translucent - the fixed and the fluid - the intellectual and the emotional. This interest also lends itself well towards collage and paint.

I also believe in the importance of drawing in my method. Even non figurative art benefits from a solid grasp of an all too often overlooked aspect of the creative process. To me, the sketchbook is where you find the artist’s most honest response.

You can also see my work with the following 

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