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Monotype is my preferred method of printmaking. Known for its painterly qualities it is all about textures and marks. I paint or roll my ink onto my ‘plate’ and then by using various reductive techniques and rolling and drawing into the ink I make my image. Then I pass it through my press, usually only once. It essentially means that there is no repeatable matrix and therefore the print is unique.

Often I will work into the print further by using acrylic, adding details or editing by pushing part of the image into the background. Sometimes I will add marks using Lino which I can add to find the balance I need. I love the fact that it’s not an exact science, it gives opportunity for the unexpected!


I think what excites me about monotype printing is that each and every image I create is unique. I don't pull editions; even my Drypoints and Collagraphs are one-offs.

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